We cater our services to match each unique situation.


Bank & Credit card Reconciliations. We match every deposit & withdraw to give you a clear picture of your cash situation. This enables us to identify lost deposits, unauthorized transactions, and inappropriate fees and expediates recovery. Monthly, quarterly, or as needed. Done on your schedule – remotely, at your home or business or together.

Individual Consulting

With LD McBrown CPA, you will get more than just reports. We invest the time to get to know you and your unique situation and ensure that you understand the reports you receive so you can utilize all the information.

Gross Receipts Tax

Never miss a tax deadline. If you’re a small business or working for yourself we can help calculate and prepare New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax (CRS-1) whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or semiannually.

Expense Reduction & Bill Pay

We will develop strategies for decreasing your debt and increasing your net worth and paying your bills while keeping more money in your bank account. We can also create the drafts or send checks so you don’t have to. Receive a report each week of the bills paid on your behalf and your account balance.

Financial Statement Preparation

Whether you are a business or an individual it’s important to see where you stand and have the big picture. This enables you to see the past and present and make decisions about the future. We will prepare monthly financial statements or statements of net worth so you can do just that.


Preparation of quarterly payroll reports – 941, SUTA, WC1, FUTA. Preparation of annual W2s and 1099s.

Together we can make changes. Get started today for a better future tomorrow.